Johann Georg Pisendel. Nuevas sonatas para violín y continuo

JOHANN GEORG PISENDEL… ¿QUIÉN? Johann Georg Pisendel (1687 – 1755) fue uno de esos artistas [...]

The Mysterious case of “La Montanari”

The Mysterious case of "La Montanari" [...]

Descubriendo a Pisendel

Johann Georg Pisendel fue uno de esos artistas que sin duda marcaron el panorama musical [...]

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Discovering Vivaldi (ENG)

(Pincha aquí para leer en español) Antonio Lucio Vivaldi is arguably one of the best-known [...]


New Discoveries of Vivaldi, a little video!

We have made a little video to present our new and exciting program: New Discoveries [...]

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Improvising on Vivaldi’s Dresden Sonatas

It is known that improvisation and ornamentation was a common practice in the 18th century [...]