The Cabinet II project


Unknown Masterpieces from the Schrank II Collection of Dresden

We want to unearth a big part of the European eighth century musical heritage. Through an ambitious project that will include 5 CD recordings, featuring mostly world premieres and unrecorded works, using the best sounds techniques available, an extensive research shaped into the texts accompanying these recordings, the critical edition of unpublished musical works, collaborations with musicologists of world-wide fame and an appealing graphical design, we want to to bring to the light an important part of the music of the personal collection of Johann Georg Pisendel,  concertmaster of the Dresden Orchestra at the beginning of the eighth century, contained in the so-called Schrank II (Cabinet II). An astonishing and unknown repertoire that was performed in one of the more important European musical centers and that influenced and modeled greatly the European musical style in later generations.

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