Pisendel. New Sonatas (Snakewood Editions, 2020)

1717 - Memories of a Journey to Italy (Snakewood Editions, 2018)

Works by Vivaldi, Albinoni, Montanari, Valentini, Fanfani (World premiere) and Pisendel (World Premiere)

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  • “I am very impressed by this disc, not only because of the way the programme has been put together, but also the quality of the music selected for this recording and the way it is played. The performances are technically impeccable, stylish and imaginative. The phrasing and articulation are excellent, and there is a nice dynamic shading. The ornamentation is generous, but never exaggerated.
    Recently I have reviewed several outstanding discs with baroque violin music, and this is another one lovers of the baroque violin should definitely not miss.” Johan van Veen (musica Dei donum 2018)
  • “Esta música es excelente, por lo que no hace falta preguntarse por qué Pisendel la metió en valija y se la llevó consigo a Dresde. La interpretación de Scaramuccia es tan deslumbrante como la propia música. Discazo.” Eduardo Torrico (Scherzo, Dec. 2108)
  • “Die verschiedenen Kompositionen werden mit musikantischer Frische und Versiertheit sowie einer mitreißenden Technik dargeboten. Die Musiker von ‘Scaramuccia’, allen voran der Geiger Javier Lupianez, spielen dabei mit einer kraftvollen Gestik auf. Die vielen effektvollen Details der Partitur werden mit Raffinesse herausgearbeitet und mit großem Engagement ausgeführt. Fresh and vivid performances in a natural lifelike sound quality.” Pizzicato, 11 Nov. 2018
  • 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Clearly, this is demanding music – Javier Lupiáñez combines a fine bowing arm with some nifty fingerwork, seemingly undaunted by the technical challenges, while his continuo partners provide stylishly supportive accompaniment. It is a sobering thought that these six extremely fine works represent only the tip of the tip of the iceberg that is Pisendel’s library of works gathered from his Italian contacts – that the library in Dresden has made them all available online is encouraging groups like Scaramuccia (who have even established their own recording company to produce this CD!) to explore the vast riches which it contains. Given the high standards set here, I hope it will not be too long before we hear more from them!” Brian Clark, Early Music Review
  • 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Discos Recomendados” “Estamos ante muy buena música en manos de excelentes intérpretes.” “La presentación del disco es exquisita, con un excelente libreto en castellano (¡cosa de agradecer!) e inglés. Las notas al disco están muy bien trabajadas (¡cómo se nota que Javier Lupiáñez es también musicólogo!). La toma de sonido es sorprendentemente nítida y natural y los miembros del grupo (con instrumentos barrocos) suenan bien cohesionados.” Ángel Villagrasa, Melómano
  • “Fascinating CD”… “They are technically outstanding and balanced with rare sensitivity” Brian Robins, Early Music Review
  • “Javier Lupiáñez’s enthusiastic violin playing in the Largo, Allegro and Tempo Giusto is first class.” Michael Schwartz, The Whole Note
  • The performances are consistently persuasive and full of flair and sensitivity. (…)The notes are first class and full of illuminating detail and the whole disc shows how fine musicality and investigative historical research can pay real rewards.
    Jonathan Woolf , Musicweb
  • ICMA Nomination, best baroque instrumental music recording 2019

Antonio Vivaldi. Nuove Sonate (Ayros, 2016)

Newly discovered sonatas by Antonio Vivaldi

  • This disc is not just one of many. This is a major addition to the Vivaldi discography.” […] This disc is a model of sincere and intelligent music-making.” – Johan van Veen. Musica Dei donum
  • “L’interprétation remarquable de l’ensemble Scarumuccia et le magnifique son du soliste Javier Lupianez” – W.L. Péché Classique
  • “Le programme des «nuove Sonate» pour violon interprétées brillamment par Javier Lupiáñez accompagné par l’ensemble Scaramuccia” – Studi Vivaldiani, 2016
  • ¨La excelente demostración violinística de Lupiáñez y el no menos excelente acompañamiento que le dispensan sus compañeros¨ – E. Torrico, Scherzo, 2016

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We would like to thank from the bottom of our heart to all those who have contributed to the recording of this CD by supporting our crowdfunding campaign.

Scaramuccia is grateful for the support of the Eudemnoist Society (, Maribel Ruiz and Francisco Lupiáñez, Stichting Gilles Hondius, Gravin van Bylandt Stichting and Het Fonds voor de Geld- en Effectenhandel in the production of this CD.