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The aim of Scaramuccia is to rediscover unknown and great music from the past. We are doing an intensive research and planning new and exciting projects that will need financial support. You can be part of all these adventures making a contribution. No matter how big or small it is, it will be greatly appreciated! Contributions can be made to Stichting Nova Rhetorica, a Dutch foundation that has been declared of public benefit and represents and supports Scaramuccia: Stichting Nova Rhetorica IBAN: NL 51 RABO 0322 0168 27 (STICHTING NOVA RHETORICA) BIC/SWIFT: RABONL2U Stichting Nova Rhetorica is a cultural ANBI. An extra tax deduction applies to donors of cultural ANBI. Please read the following links for more information (in Dutch): How else can you help us? You can help us making us famous! 😉 Like our Facebook page and share it with your friends or share this page if you know someone who might be interested. Thank you!